OCD Spectrum Clinic
11270 N. 129th Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Dr. Michael Zatkowsky
Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Director

Office: 480-748-9999
Cell:    480-262-6040
Email: drzatkowsky@ocdspectrumclinic.com

Roberta J. Zatkowsky, MSC, MS, LPC, NCC
Licensed Therapist

Office: 480-748-9999
Cell:    480-748-9999
Email: rzat@cox.net

The OCD Spectrum Clinic Offers Specialized Evaluation and Treatment for:

  • Childhood, Adolescent and Adult Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) such as Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling), Dermatillomania (Skin Picking), Onychophagia (Nail Biting) , and Mucous Fishing Syndrome
  • Tourette’s Syndrome and other Tic Disorders,
  • Hoarding
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • OCD-Related Problems such as Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and other Mood Disorders.

Office Treatment and In-home Treatment

Serving the Valley for over 25 years


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